Practical Tips for Purchasing a Home Soil Testing Kit

If you are into gardening, whether for business or as a hobby, home soil testing kits are tools that you should have in your shed. These kits are very useful in measuring the amount of nutrients present in your garden soil. When it comes to raising plants and flowers, you have to be aware of the levels of alkalinity, nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous in the soil. A soil testing kit enables you to accurately determine if these nutrients are lacking in your garden. This way, you can decide if you are going to add either artificial or organic fertilizer into the soil. In a nutshell, using a soil testing kit will help you raise healthier and more productive plants and flowers.

Best Tips for Purchasing a Home Soil Testing Kit

There are certain things that you need to be aware of when you are looking to buy a set of testing kits. There are several brands selling the items these days and they come in all sizes and shapes. You have to make sure that you purchase the right one.

1) The kit should be easy to use and should come with a simple manual. Majority of the kits being sold today don’t have uniform designs and functions. Although they are often not that difficult to use, you still need instructions on how to operate them to avoid damaging them during the first use. For some kits, you will need to get samples from the soil, swab them, and analyze the data. Other kits require you to simple stick the testing needle right into the soil and read what’s being shown on the dashboard.

2) Choose home soil testing kits that have higher accuracy rates. These are usually more expensive compared to other alternatives but they’re worth the extra charge. Although an accuracy rate of 100% is difficult to achieve, there are some kits whose accuracy rates can reach up to 95%. These would be very beneficial to you because the accurate measurements allow you to confidently decide whether you are going to use additional fertilizer or not.

3) Choose kits that have charts for as many plants and flowers as possible. Some kits have charts for 50 plants, some for 100 plants, and some go even more. It’s advisable that you choose the ones with the longer lists especially if you are raising a wide variety of plants and flowers in your garden.

4) Avail of more than one set of home soil testing kits. Why? So that you can compare the data and results for more accurate readings. It’s highly recommended that you purchase two sets of kits from two different manufacturers.

Which Soil Testing Kits Should You Buy

As was mentioned earlier, there are several brands of testing kits so you need to take your time in deciding which ones to buy. If it’s your first time to buy the items, it’s highly recommended that you go for the ones made by Luster Leaf or Whitetail Institute. In particular, the Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Test Kit is a good option because it’s affordable and it comes with four easy-to-understand comparators. If you need an alternative, you can go with the Whitetail Institute Soil Test Kit which claims to show you exactly how much lime and fertilizer you should put into your garden plots.

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